Oyster Sauce – Best Oyster Sauce and How to Use It

Oyster Sauce - Best Oyster Sauce and How to Use It

Oyster Sauce I notion my pal and F&W colleague Melanie Hansche became loopy for ordering oyster sauce with the aid of using the case. I’d simplest ever used a drizzle in positive recipes, like to feature a completing gloss of umami goodness to stir-fries. But after I popped the cap off the tall, gold-categorized bottle of Mega Chef Oyster Sauce and started to prepare dinner dinner with it, I started out to understand.

Whether or now no longer you’ve cooked with it, you’ve possibly had oyster sauce. It’s a key factor in Cantonese food, used for velveting proteins and greens. Most oyster sauce I’d encountered earlier than became quite basic—suppose that savory, enjoyable brown sauce in Chinese take-out. But Mega Chef had that salty, enjoyable taste, however became abruptly brilliant and clean-tasting. It became darkish and syrupy, with an intensely umami, candy and now no longer-too-salty triple whammy of taste. I commenced with the aid of using the usage of it to complete easy stir-fries (my favored manner of the usage of up spring veggies), tossing it with wok-seared snow peas, toddler bok choy, or asparagus simply earlier than serving.

Oyster sauce is, because the call suggests, fabricated from oysters, which can be cooked in water for half-hour to make a kind of oyster broth, that’s strained, then cooked down and pro with salt and sugar till the oyster juices caramelize, decreasing to a thick syrup. Chinese culinary expert Grace Young, every other Mega Chef fan, buddies the rich, enjoyable taste of oyster sauce together along with her favored Cantonese ingredients from her childhood.

“My mother and father used to blanch Chinese broccoli, and pour oyster sauce over it; or they could integrate oyster sauce with pinch of sugar, soy sauce, and sesame sauce oil, carry to a boil and drizzle over the greens; When I became a child, we’d simply scramble a few eggs, and serve with a bit oyster sauce at the side.”

Young had for years stopped cooking a number of her favored ingredients, like lo mein, that used oyster sauce due to the fact the extensively to be had versions, like Lee Kum Kee, didn’t suit her reminiscences of the dish. Over the years, the employer brought MSG and synthetic colour to their formula, muddying the taste, she says. But Mega Chef, which she currently discovered, became a purer touchpoint.

Oyster Sauce - Best Oyster Sauce and How to Use It

Though it’s appeared because the first-class oyster sauce available in the marketplace with the aid of using professionals together with cooks David Thompson and Andy Ricker, who reassets it for his eating places withinside the states, it’s nonetheless difficult to locate even at Asian grocery stores—hard sufficient which you is probably tempted to reserve it, wholesale, from the supplier. But on-line store The Mala Market, which makes a speciality of first-class-high-satisfactory elements from Sichuan, now contains it, so that you can begin with only a bottle, in case you like.

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