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Steam Screenshot Folder The most effective method to discover Steam's screen capture envelope utilizing your PC's document framework The primary spot to begin is by going to Steam's establishment index: On Windows 8 and Windows 10, the default is C:Program Files (x86)Steam. On a Mac, the default is Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam, with username being the Mac username, not the Steam username. In the event that you've introduced Steam elsewhere, you'll need to explore to the Steam envelope any place you introduced it. Whenever you've discovered Steam's establishment registry, do the accompanying to discover the screen capture you are looking for.Navigate to the "userdata" catalog. Contingent upon the number of records you have set up in your Steam customer, you will see at least one organizers with a number instead of its name. That is the client ID number for the various records. In the dominant part of cases, there will probably be one envelope, however in the event that you have numerous clients, it may take a tad of testing and backtracking to discover the organizer allocated to your record.

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